IS IOS 5 support garbage collection?

Since Apple announced its new next iOS5 release for iphone, there is a joy among developer community that it would be supporting garbage collection, which is not true. Actually the intention to write this blog was to give awareness to  iphone developers that its not garbage collection its rather a technique called ARC(Automatic Reference Counting) […]

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Core Data

Core Data is a framework and set of tools that allow you to persist your application’s data to the iPhone’s file system automatically. Core Data is a form of something called object-relational mapping, which is just a fancy way of saying that Core Data takes the data stored in your Objective-C objects and translates (or […]

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IPhone Memory Management

Introduction First I would like to thanks my IPhone team in helping me in compiling stuff on IPhone memory leakages that they faced during our IPhone project development. In any program we write, we must ensure that we manage resources effectively and efficiently. One such resource is our program’s memory. In an Objective-C program, we […]

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