PerfectServe Clinician

PerfectServe Clinician was a iphone product that  makes it easy for physicians and nurses to connect with the right clinician, at the right time, in the right way. Imam lead this product IPhone team as an architect. The application is available at Apple Store here.


PHANTOM was the project Imam lead as an Architect for Diagonosis One Firm USA  in Folio3. Phantom is a state-of-the-art Disease Surveillance System to monitor public health in a region. Some of the major features include HL7 compliance, BPM and multi-lingual support. Below is its documentary video:


MAARKA was Imam’s  NED University final year project that was meant to design mine-neutralization vehicle for Pakistan Navy. Alhamdolillah It was one of the successful project in the history of NED university. Pakistan print and electronic media provide prominent coverage to the project. To know project details please click here.

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MATLite was University of Karachi final year project. The project was selected by university of karachi to present in ITCNAsia exhibition. MATLite was mobile software agents framework that provide  JATLite (a java agents framework developed by Standford University USA) static agents capability to move across networks and take run time decision.

Academic Achivement

During Imam’s university life, he participated in  Science Fair’98 arranged by the SENTEC ( a society of promotion of science and technology ),where he presented his project tiltled as “computerised steam table“.  This software provide  steam  property used in thermodynamics just on single key-stroke,and can also do single and double interpolation of superheated steam in a second. In the appreciation of making this software,Imam was given the certificate of merit by the Vice-Chancellor of NED University, Dr. Abu-Kalaam in the presence of chairman of SENTEC,Dr. Khursheed Mahmood.

Mr.Imam Raza receiving certificate of merit from Vice-Chancellor, Dr.Abu-Kalaam of NED University in the presence of Chairman of SENTEC, Dr. Khursheed Mahmood, in his appreciation of  making computarised steam table in the Science Fair’98. (19/10/1999 on Tue at 2:30)

He was ranked as platoon commander of training unit in his recognition of work he performed during NCC training.

Mr.Imam Raza receiving platoon commander rank by principal of Dehli college Mr. Azhar siddiqui in 1995.

Throughout his school’s academic life,Imam always took position. In the recognition of his academic record,he got prize and certificate from Provincial Minister of Industry, Mr. Izhar-ul-Haq in 1990.

Mr.Imam Raza receiving certificate and prize from Provincial Minister of Industry,Mr.Izharuddin,in recognition of his academic record.(Dec1990)