SenchaCon 2015

A few weeks before, I attended the SenchaCon2015 conference held at Santa Clara Convention Center, California USA. Sencha conference holds every year where Sencha developers around the world comes to get to know about latest development in the Sencha arena. This year’s conference involves massive changes Sencha made in its current frameworks. The biggest announcement was the merger of Sencha Touch with EXTJS thus providing one unified framework for both Desktop and mobile platform development.


Followings are the key highlights of the conference that I summarized:

  • EXT JS 6.0 Announcement: EXT JS 6.0 has merged Sencha touch and EXT JS frameworks. Now with one framework of EXT JS 6.0 we can build both desktop as well as mobile applications.
  • Sencha Plugin for Jetbrain Webstorm IDE available for download right away. They announced Jetbrain plugin integration with jetbrain different IDEs e.g webstorm, PHPstorm etc. In all the sessions the sencha presenter found using webstorm IDE instead of Sencha Architect IDE. Also, there was no mention of a Sencha Architect IDE release in the near future for EXTJS 6, which put a question mark on this IDE future.
  • Fashion: A runtime JavaScript implementation of SASS. So good news for GDs now they don’t need to compile SASS and waste time to see CSS/SASS changes. Sencha introduces Fashion which provides GD changes at runtime without the need to compile.
  • Sencha Inspector: Just like “browser inspector” that we use to debug JavaScript application. “Sencha Inspector” take it one step forward by providing debugging in sencha class view model, thus reducing developer time.
  • Sencha Space: Sencha Space is complete solution for building, testing and deploying app securely without deployment hassles we usually encounter when deploying our apps to different platform. The Sencha conference event’s application that we were using in the conference for session information was being deployed using Sencha space. We were receiving app updates directly due to sencha space.

Ask Sencha Expert Panel:

In the conference, sencha management provided a Help desk with sencha expert panel known as “Ask Sencha Expert”. One has to take prior appointment from the management to meet the “Ask Sencha Expert”. I have already taken this appointment so they have given me time slot of 30min. After I met sencha experts at the booth, demoed our apps and showed them code of our sencha application, they were quite impressed with Folio3 apps we developed in Sencha Touch framework.



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