My visit of silicon Valley

A few weeks ago, I attended the SenchaCon2015 conference held at Santa Clara Convention Center, California USA. This also provided me opportunity to visit silicon valley as conference was of just three days and I had the good day’s buffer before and after the conference. So I visited following places in silicon Valley: Google, Oracle, Apple, Intel, Moscone Center Sans Francisco and Standford University.  I also got chance to meet few of my friends in the valley doing job in Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and Google getting the professional insight of the firms.

I am writing this blog to share my feeling of the visit.


GooglePlex (Google Headquarter)

Google Campus is a very neat clean greenery place with many building having famous bikes all around. The bikes are only for employees although no one is checking if you take one and start riding 🙂

When I entered the Google building, I met with the Google representative who usually guide the visitors. He give me a paper suggesting visitor to visit the places of interest in Google campus. The paper also mentioned the disclaimer that bikes are only for Google employees to remind visitor to not use them 🙂


GooglePlex (Google Headquarter)


Google bikes for Google employees around every building in the campus


At Googleplex I was excited to see the screens of live search that I heard of and the time came to see it.

Live Google Search Screens

Standford University

The most inspiring thing I noted there is that the most beautiful part of the silicon valley was Standford University which shows that the most precious thing for them is their university. They do high investment in their higher education and research that makes them different than us the third world countries. In our country the most beautiful/expensive thing would be PM house or Army house. If we see Arab countries we would see they have most expensive tallest buildings and cities and the world biggest airport, but if we look towards the universities and higher education point of view we will see that those are the most ignorant area. This make me things why these folks are ruling the world and it make me believe that they really deserves to rule the world.


Standford University Campus


Standford University


Apple Campus

The Apple Campus is the corporate headquarters of Apple Inc., located at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California, United States. It also has bikes around the buildings for employees. In the below picture, on the right side there Apple Corporate Store which is different than Apple Store. It has Apple Accessories type of things e.g iphone accessories, T-Shirt, Cups and souvenirs etc.

Apple Campus  (Cupertino)


Apple Palo Alto AppStore

a beautiful outside view of AppStore Palo Alto
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.56.34 am
Palo Alto AppStore folks are demoing Apple iwatch
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.56.48 am
Apple folks at the store whom I purchased iphone 6.

Apple Standford Shopping Mall Appstore

A beautiful outside view of AppStore  Standford Shopping mall
Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 11.10.13 am
Folks are viewing Apple devices at the store


Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 11.11.34 am
Appstore guy is scanning the pack of the purchased iphone 6



Oracle Campus

Oracle has very beautiful park before its building known as “Oracle Park”.

Oracle office


Oracle Park with beautiful lake, panoramic view


Folio3 Office.

After getting freed from the conference, I got chance to go Folio3. Folio3 office is located in Palo Alto, a beautiful place of silicon valley.

Folio3 Palo Alto Office.
My car
The white car in picture was my car that helped me a lot during my visit


 SenchaCon2015,Santa Clara, Convention Center and Levis’ Stadium

SenchaCon 2015 was held in Santa Clara Convention Center. At the end of first day of conference we had some fun at Levi’s Stadium arranged by Sencha organizers. Below are some pictures of both:

Santa Clara Convention Center outside view
Santa Clara Convention Center outside view


Mr. Hyle Campbell, director of sencha whom I met for getting Sencha partnership with the company
Mr. Hyle Campbell, director of sencha whom I met for getting Sencha partnership with the company


Game zone


Santa Clara Convention Center sencha community zone


Ask Sencha Expert
Ask Sencha Expert


Levi's Stadium
Levi’s Stadium


Sencha Conference Lunch
Sencha Conference Lunch


SenchaCon keynote session about to start


Sencha Customers at SenchaCon 2015 sharing their experience with Sencha


Michael Facemire, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, in Sencha keynote


Sencha zone
Sencha Zone

Moscone Center, San Francisco

Moscone Center is the largest convention and exhibition complex in San Francisco, California. It is known for hosting several large professional gatherings, such as the VMworld, Oracle OpenWorld, Apple Worldwide developer conference and Google IO etc

Moscone Center in San Francisco, where Google I/O and Apple WWDC events are held


Intel Museum

The Intel Museum located at Intel’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California, has exhibits of Intel’s products and history as well as semiconductor technology in general




Barnes and Noble Book Store





During the visit I saw many positive things in silicon valley culture. The first thing that inspire me a lot was the simplicity of the valley and its inhabitant. The folks were totally absorbed by work and possess great passion for it. Frankly speaking I feel some reflection of the hadith “الفقر فخری” that is Faqr is my pride. Folks there doesn’t care much about dresses to wear rather they focus on work. The other great thing is that they posses rich appreciation culture. No doubt they really deserve to be the ruler of the world. I was recalling following great stanza of Iqbal poem in which he addressed to Muslim youth and remind them the reason when Muslims were ruler of the world:

سماں ‘الفقر فخری’ کا رہا شان امارت میں
”بآب و رنگ و خال و خط چہ حاجت روے زیبا را

 تجھے آبا سے اپنے کوئی نسبت ہو نہیں سکتی
کہ تو گفتار وہ کردار ، تو ثابت وہ سیارا
گنوا دی ہم نے جو اسلاف سے میراث پائی تھی
ثریا سے زمیں پر آسماں نے ہم کو دے مارا



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