Android “IDEOS” Review

Recently Zong (Telecom operator) introduced new Android Smart phone in the market with name “IDEOS“. The set is the cheapest Android smart phone so far available  in the market.

Zong being the china company, I was  having reservation to buy a cheap android phone based on china technology. Few of my colleagues purchased the phone and I got chance to get their feedback. After getting good feedback I got courage to buy IDEOS. In writing review of this device I would say two simple words “IDEOS  rocks“.

Below are my reviews for this wonderful cheap smart device so far in the market.

  • In this device you can make use of android OS feature called  “Tethering and portable hotspot” that turns your phone into Wifi router and hence other devices can connect with it. I did benchmarking of this feature using Zong Edge/GPRS technology. The speed of internet is good enough for browsing and even playing videos.  Below is the snapshot of my laptop screen which shows its speed test:

  • You can run following app easily on it
    • Youtube.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Yahoo Messenger
    • Skype
    • Gmail and Yahoo Mail Push Service to deliver email on the device as soon as it comes on the mail server.
  • Below are the application that I found most useful on it:
    • Speedometer – It give your driving speed while drawing your live traveling track on google Map using device GPS. Not only that but it also records video of your travelling track that you can play later on or upload on the server from the app.
    • Evernote : Simple notepad type app with support of capture picture and voice. The app keep your notes sync with the server that user can view on his computer.
    • iQuran: Its best Quran app for android which provides you to locate/benchmark any ayat of the surah and see its translation and listen its recitation for whole surah or for one ayat or even in loop for one ayat.
    • ConnectBot: You can do SSH to any machine and run ssh commands remotely.
    • Remote RDP Lite: You can remote Desktop your machine from android device using this app.



    2 thoughts on “Android “IDEOS” Review

    1. I wanted to add some apps that may be useful.

      – You can root your phone via Super One Click:
      – Overclock the cpu for a slightly snappier response via SetCPU (Root access required)
      – WhatsApp lets you chat with your contacts (that are using WhatsApp) anywhere in the world for free! Its kinda like sms without the charges.
      – Astrid Tasks – allows you to sync with Google tasks and adds functionality to its basic features
      – App2SD – save apps on a microSD card
      – Market Enabler – lets you change the market you are in so you have access to more apps and paid apps too! (Root access required)
      – Some games worth looking at: X Construst, SliceIt, Paper Toss, NinJump, Ninja Kaka, Jewels, Basketball Shots 3D, Air Control (All available via the marketplace)
      – Per Rovio a version of Angry Birds will be launched in Jan that will support the QVGA resolution of this phone.

    2. Regarding “Market Enabler” App, it doesn’t work on Android OS 2.2. I have been able to see it working on Android OS 2.1 or below. It didn’t work on my IDEOS as it has OS 2.2. If there is any other trick for 2.2 please let me know. Thanks

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