Nokia:Calling All Innovators Pakistan 2010

Today I attended Nokia Pakistan “Calling All Innovators Pakistan 2010” conference. What I feel is a serious change in Nokia strategies. Now Nokia is making serious efforts on software side. As we know already know Nokia market share went down to as low as 30% according to market research. The development tool it introduced are no less than other smart phone development platforms.

I would like to share things that shows change in Nokia strategy:

Nokia OVI Store

  • Nokia OVI store is just like Apple Store for providing central place of all nokia app.
  • Submitting Application to nokia OVI store is free.
  • They told about the Ramadan 2010 App.
  • OVI Store Statistics:
    • 2.9 million hit/day
    • 30 languages support
    • 91 operators
  • In-App Purchase (Beta): Making payment from the app is quite easy due to In-App Purchase support. With few lines of code one can integrate license module in his app.
  • In-App Advertisement(Beta): Displaying advertisement in native app made easy with In-App Advertisement.


  • Nokia introduces new rapid UI development native framework for Nokia devices called “Qt” which they claim reduces code development to 70%.
  • QT was made by Trolitech company that was acquired by Nokia in 2008.
  • Smart installation. auto app upgrade.
  • QT Quick
    • It is wizard like tool especially for non-coders. One can develop app using this wizard like tool.
    • It is based on QML, a language that is extenstion of javascript.

Nokia Forums

  • Nokia Forums statistics:
    • 1.5 million unique visitors/month
    • 50%  Nokia forum developers belong to EMEA.
    • 2 million active users online community.

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