Continous Integration(CI) with TeamCity

I was planning to write blog on how to achieve CI with TeamCity,but was unable to take time due to release of my project. Now after getting freed up from the project, I find some time to write the blog.

Few months ago I introduced CI using TeamCity in my project. The project was based on smart phones apps development (IPhone, Android and Blackberry).  In this blog I would share the benefit our team got with CI and how it helped us in saving our time and introducing quality in the project.  In the future blogs, I would be telling how to actually  implement CI with Teamcity for IPhone,Android and Blackberry.

Below are the benefits that we got with CI Teamcity implementation:

  • Automated build with Teamcity save our developer time of deployment. Whenever QA need build he/she don’t  need to ask developer and can get the build from Teamcity.
  • Automated build are made whenever some code is check into the SVN repository thus ensuring  any integration issue with the code. Teamcity send email telling team about build fail.
  • Coding standards/duplication reports are produced automatically with every automated build, thus telling red, yellow or green issues of code present in the build giving upper management visibility of the build code health.

My company managers asked me to give presentation on CI with Teamcity so that they can see if its useful for them as well. I gave the presentation that is available here. After the presentation, company upper management decided to  implement Teamcity in company wide projects. I hope this experience sharing would help my readers as well to use Teamcity to save their time and produce the quality product.


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