How to Install MacOSX 86 Tiger Vmware on Dell Laptop 1501

Note: My this blog is for educational purposes, if you want to install MacOSX86 please purchased its license.

Ever since Apple made the move to Intel processors, hackers have been trying hard to modify the x86 version of OS X to run on a PC. And, of course, they have indeed succeeded in doing it. Various hackers have released hacked ISO torrents that can be installed on PCs.

I recently install MacOSX86 Tiger VM on the Vmware on my Dell Laptop 1501. I had to do some good R&D in order to make it run. The tweak is related with my Dell inspiron 1501 AMD processor. The normal MacOSX86 installer work well on Intel but don’t work for AMD. There are hackers who did some work to patch MacOS libraries for AMD. For there is Patched DVD of MacOS that these hackers make and is available at bittorent.

Steps to install Vmware

  • Download Vmware workstation 6.5 from here
  • Download Patched DVD for AMD from bittorent  here
  • Prepare VMware for MacOSx86 as mentioned in the excellent article here:
  • Start using MacOSX Tiger VM enjoy 🙂
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