Running Visual source safe through WINE in Ubuntu (8.04)

Recently I made Microsoft VSS client to run  on ubuntu through WINE.

Plz note that Ubuntu 8.04 WINE doesn’t support  VSS 2005 so I used VSS 6.0.

If you try to run VSS 2005 setup, it would run successfully but when you click next on its setup wizard you will get following error:

A trial edition is already installed on this computer. You must uninstall the previous trial before installing another trial edition.

Following are the steps for installing VSS client 6.0 through WINE in Ubuntu hardy (8.04)

  • copy VSS setup to the drive_C of the WINE
  • run setup.exe from this folder
  • Follow the wizard as you normally do in Windows.
  • After the wizard is finished you will get VSS shortcut created in the program files.
  • Click the shortcut to run the VSS client.
  • To  get access to remote VSS repository mount your VSS shared to your local directory using command like below:

smbmount // /home/imam/smb/vss -o username=iraza domain=cmarks

  • Replace domain name ,IP  and shared folder etc with your one
  • Now in VSS client UI just browse the mounted folder e.g /home/imma/smb/vss. Here you will go 🙂

2 thoughts on “Running Visual source safe through WINE in Ubuntu (8.04)

  1. Ubuntu is the most overrated distro ever put out. It’s not nearly as good as its fanbois portray it to be — certainly not moreso than many other distros. Its “success” is all the result hype and fanboi “marketing”.

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