Ubuntu Installation Common Issues on Dell Inpsiron 1501

Recently I installed Ubuntu on my laptop Dell Inspiron 1501. This was my first experience of installing Ubuntu so I installed with dual boot of my WIN XP already installed. For installing ubuntu as dual boot OS with WIN XP read my blog post . In the current blog I would only discuss the issues of dell drivers for ubuntu and their resolution.

Drivers that doesn’t need to be installed with Ubuntu

Followings are the list of the drivers that ubuntu already pick up after installation, so no need to install them at all:

  • Audio Driver
  • Video Driver
  • Network Driver (cable)

Drivers that need to be installed

Followings are the lost of the drivers that we need install in ubuntu:

  • Wireless Network Driver
  • Modem Driver

Installation steps for Wireless Network driver

Since Dell comes with broadcom wireless network, which has some problems with linux, so following steps we needed to perform to install this driver. There are two ways to install this driver:

  • Using ndiswrapper which actually uses windows wireless network driver and make available in linux.
  • Using broadcom firmware. This method is more efficient than above one as it is native. We would discussing this below.

Installing broadcom driver using firmware approach

  • open Terminal window by clicking application--> Accessories-->Terminal
  • switch to root user using su command
  • goto driver directory using 
  • cd broadcom-wl-
  • run following 
  • export FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR=/lib/firmware
  • run following 
  • b43-fwcutter-011/b43-fwcutter -w "$FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR" wl_apsta_mimo.o
  • restart operating system

Installing ubuntu Old network manager due to bug in ubuntu current network manager

Above steps would install the wireless network driver successfully. However still you would'nt be able to connect with the net coz there is bug in network manager of ubuntu 8.04 (hardy) that demands us to use older version of the network manager. Followings are steps for it:
  • Download the working version of ubuntu network manager - Type in a terminal 
sudo wget http://download38.mediafire.com/2bdi9e0d0l7g/jyjze9dd7t9/network-manager_0.6.6-0ubuntu1_i386.deb 
  • Downgrade your current ubuntu network manager - Type in a terminal 
sudo dpkg -i network-manager_0.6.6-0ubuntu1_i386.deb 

Now your wireless card should work enjoy :)

Note: If Ubuntu is too slow in starting and taking longer time to perform then you must check /etc/hosts file. It must have entry of your computer name, and lo with localhost e.g: localhost lo imamlt 
This is necessary because Ubuntu services pings these aliases when doing any operation so in their absence they took longer and longer time to do any process.

Installing Modem Driver

The modem comes with Dell inspiron 1501 is Conexant HDA D110 MDC v.92 Modem. Followings are its step to install:

After installation of driver follow up this post for making your internet connection. For windows user plz follow gnome-PPP method mentioned in this blog. As it is closely resemble with the windows dialup connection. You will UI similar to window while other two methods non-UI:



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