Installing linux On XP Windows as dual boot

In this blog I would be sharing my experience of installing linux as dual boot on my laptop Dell Inspiron 1501. The following installation steps :

  • There should be a free space available on your partition. Use fdisk or disk management utility available in XP. By free space means space is not allocated to windows NTFS partition or logical drives. If free space is not available then you can make it by deleting any logical drive that you already have on your system using fdisk or windows disk management utility.

  • Insert Fedora 10 or Ubuntu 8.04 CD in the drive and boot your system from it.

  • After your system is booted, you would see linux installer running.

  • Fedora 10 and Ubuntu both offers an option during installation saying something like “install using maximum available space”. Note: this option is only available if you created a free space as mentioned above otherwise in Ubuntu and Fedora both do not offer this option.

  • You need to select this option and click next and proceed your installation as you do your window installation.

  • One thing that is different in this installation is the /boot and /swap partition information. When a screen displayed telling for partition information to customize it, you just need to click next blindly and that is.

  • After the installation is finished, your system would rebooted and provide you automatically for dual boot options. Congratulation you have successfully installed linux on you macine with dual boot XP windows. Select which ever yosu wanted to run. Here you go 🙂


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