Microsoft alternative Opensource tools for windows

Recently I got chance to do R&D on the opensource tools that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft or licensed software on windows.   Followings are my findings that are very good candidate to be used against licensed one :

  • Microsoft MS Project:
  • Microsoft Visio:
  • IBM Rational Rose UML:
    • StarUML ( -It provides revers engineering from java,C++ and C# languages into UML diagram as well as generating these languages code from the UML diagrams. It also provide feature for applying/generate design patterns like GOF and EJB pattern in the UML diagram.
  • Cute FTP:
    • FileZilla -Its almost similar to cuteFTP. I find it same as cuteFTP,  providing resume/overwrite FTP support with site manager storage. 
  • XML Spy
    • XMLMarker – Its beauty is that it is just 996kb setup. Lightweight and doesn’t occupy more space.
    • Liquid XML studio 2009 -Its very good specially when you are working on XML Schemas. It represnt XML schemas same as XML Spy. Very handy for working on schema. Its setup size is 42MB. It is licensed but there a community Edition available that lets us work on all above mention feature just for free.
  • MS OutLook
  • MS Office
  • MS Visual Studio

    One thought on “Microsoft alternative Opensource tools for windows

    1. I personally love filezilla. It is one tool that nobody can afford to miss. There is also an alternative to Visual Studio IDE known as SharpDevelop ( , an alternative to MS Outlook ( and alternative to MS Office ( These are some tools that I love the most 🙂

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