How to install livecycle ES Server quickly for playing with it?

How to install livecycle ES Server quickly for playing with it?

This article is useful for those who wanted to install LiveCycle ES Server very quickly (in just 20-30 min without going into hassles of configuring things) to just play with it.
When I was first time installing livecycle ES server on my laptop to play with LiveCycle ES, I went through number of adobe documents. I was willing to find a way of quickly installing it without going into hassles of lots of configuration details. After spending few days for different LiveCycle Server installation documents and trying them, I was able of find the way of quick installation through using Jboss turnkey installation.In following I would discuss Adobe LiveCycle Server installations types available in general and how to install LiveCycle Server quickly using Abode Jboss turnkey installation.

Overview of LiveCycle Server Installations:

Live Cycle Server installation can be done with several configuration depending on type of J2EE application Server and database. 
Followings are the application server for which LiveCycle Server can be configured:

  • Jboss Server
  • Bea WebLogic
  • IBM WebSphere
  • Followings are the databases that can be used for LiveCycle ES server:
    • DB2
    • MySQL
    • SQL Server 2005
    • Oracle
    Now as you might have guessed there can be several installation choices (using one J2EE server type with different type of database). So there is 12 installation choices. Adobe provides liveCycle Server for each J2EE Server type. When you start LiveCycle Server installation with any J2EE server, you would have choice of eighter using Automatic configuration of J2EE Server for use with LiveCycle or using manual configuration.You would also have to manually set up database as describe in Adobe PrepareInstall.pdf doc.
    Now if you would like to get yourself away from hassles involving setting up Database and J2EE SErver for LiveCycle to use then be happy there is a very quick easy installation available from Adobe. This installation is Called “Jboss turnkey installation”. This installation includes mySQL database installation already setup for use with LiveCycle and preconfigured Jboss server for use with LiveCylce.  All you need to do is to press double click the LiveCycle Setup and follow instruction just like any Microsoft product and click next next buttons. Read following pdf doc from adobe for installation steps in detail:
    You can download Jboss turnkey LiveCycle Setup from here.
    The good thing about this setup is that its for development use and it can be installed on Microsoft XP where as other LiveCycle installations are aimed by Adobe for use on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Sp2 which Adobe clearly mentioned in its prepareInstall.pdf.

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